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Hello all, I have been looking around at the website for a while now but just decided to join today. Am about to apply to Charity SON for the Spring 2012 class. I just took my TEAS two days ago and got a 84.7 which brings my... Read More

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    Any idea what the cut-off score will be for spring 12? I hate waiting!

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    It was 55 last semester, I had a 50
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    What would determine the difference if they raise the cut off or lower it ? I guess it depends on how many high profiles they have not really sure how they determine it.I hope it is somewhere between 55-65 because i have a 65 since retaking the TEAS. Hope the letters come sooner than later.
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    I regret not retaking the TEAS, I have no idea why I didn't! I think the cut off score depends on how many applicants there are vs. how many they can accept. From what I've read on here, everyone has said the cut off is usually 40-50, so I guess that last semester there was a mix of really high scoring applicants and the school budget cuts.
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    I had to do something and instead of retaking courses that i received b's or c's in I decided to retake the TEAS that was the only way to raise my score without waiting another year or two and taking more courses that I don't need like I have been doing the past few semesters. I had to make the decision and I hope it pays off in a few weeks.
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    I heard that anyone applying for any semesters after spring'12 will have to take the HESI from now on! no more TEAS. And I think the HESI is harder....great!
    Has anyone else heard about this change?
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    I've heard hearsay about....but I'll definitely say the HESI A2 was easier than the TEAS! just my personal opinion!
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    well that's good to hear you think it is easy! I've never taken it, I just heard that. I applied for spring '12 but Im pretty sure I won't be accepted this time I mean I hope I do, that would be great, but anyways I'll probably be taking the HESI soon to prepare for the next application date
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    Yeah, i applied for Charity Spring '12 admission and to LSUHSC Fall 2011....people down south in the NOLA and BR area are receiving acceptance letters for LSU today. I live 6 hrs north and I'm a nervous wreck because I had NO MAIL TODAY! So, maybe I'll hear tomorrow! The only thing about the HESI is that is has more components--like Chemistry, A & P, quantitative reasoning, etc...I scored higher on it than I did the TEAS. Charity isn't going to include 10 points in my profile score because they're picking applicants this month, and I don't graduate college until May . So, I realllllly hope I hear back from LSU! GOOD LUCK!
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    This is a very stressful time

    Good luck to you also!!!!

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