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Hello Everyone! I know I'm early but I'm super excited to begin nursing school. I was wondering if anyone else here is planning to apply to Charity for Fall 2012? Are you done with your prereqs? Taken the HESI? What's your... Read More

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    Oh and the meeting only lasted about an hour and a half for us!

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    For anyone needing them, AKI Services does digital fingerprints which I hear the LSBN has less trouble with. I was told that sometimes the ink prints are harder to process and are sent back to have re-done. I called and they charge $15 per set plus taxes.
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    I've called St Tammany PSO, New Orleans East, Hammond, and Chalmette, and the only one that does the digital is Chalemtte. $20 for both sets. This is just in case anyone doesn't feel like going downtown.
    For the Northshore people: On the STPH website, that have a CPR class lised for 6/2, and I know we need it earlier than that so I called, and the lady in the education dept said that we can take he first part of the class online and go back and do a skills check-off on the dates they have available with the next one being on 4/25. Just go to the education dept to sign up, and pay the fee.
    I also had my advising session today with my advisor, and she said to definitely buy "The Fundamentals Success" book, and study it over the summer, and not wait to read it while we are trying to sudy in he Fall. She said it really helps with test taking skills and critical thinking.
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    I used these guys for Health Care Provider CPR last summer before I started Charity last fall:

    CPR Health & Safety,LLC - Home

    They usually are running classes every week in New Orleans and Slidell.
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    Phi- I felt completely overwhelmed by the Amt of stuff we have to do. Walgreens take care clinic is running a special- $39 for a physical plus $15 form fee so they can fill out the forms.
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    Anyone on the standby list?
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    Omigosh!!!! I got a called today by the head of admissions telling me there's a spot open for me for the fall, I'm sooo happy and more excited!!! I'll start with you guys in August!
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    OMG....that's so awesome!! So, you have to be advised now?? And did she tell you about the fingerprints, shots, etc..?
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    Well, even though I was on a "stand-by list" for the fall semester, I still had to attend to all mandatory meeting and have all the paper work ready so that I'd be ready for entrance when a space became available. So, I'm actually already working on everything! The only difference is that now I can register for classes on May 29th.
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    Oh, ok. I read back on the previous posts, and you were there on the same day as Learning2care and I were there. We didn't know who you were though. lol Are you going to Open House on Sat?
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