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Charity/New Orleans Fall 2011 Basics - page 2

Basics instructors teach in sections, how do I find out who is teaching a particular section so i can make a decision prior to registering for basics next week? Is it best to choose a section by... Read More

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    hi, im also new and i was wondering if you someone could also send me that message. I would help me out alot.
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    all the instructors are nice. with some you will do more than others just because they are "slow". i would definitely recommend (moderator edit of name - please do not post names of those in your nursing program per terms of service - please see the sticky at the top of this forum). however at university you get more experienced just because they are on a trauma floor.
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    Woohoo! Semester's over and I survived. On to NAC I.
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    I passed too yeyeyeye i survived lol