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Basics instructors teach in sections, how do I find out who is teaching a particular section so i can make a decision prior to registering for basics next week? Is it best to choose a section by instructor or clinical site?... Read More

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    I'm new to the site so I'm not really sure how to send a private message but I was hoping you could send me a copy of that message too please. I'll be starting next January and I would love to know all about the instructors to request and tips for registering for classes. That would be really helpful!

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    Hi u have make at least 5 posts!! Email me at I'll forward u the message
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    There are some new instructors in Basics and sometimes the instructors switch clinical sites. Before you register in November, just send out another request directed to the students who are currently in Basics for their feedback.
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    hi, im also new and i was wondering if you someone could also send me that message. I would help me out alot.
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    all the instructors are nice. with some you will do more than others just because they are "slow". i would definitely recommend (moderator edit of name - please do not post names of those in your nursing program per terms of service - please see the sticky at the top of this forum). however at university you get more experienced just because they are on a trauma floor.
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    Woohoo! Semester's over and I survived. On to NAC I.
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    I passed too yeyeyeye i survived lol

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