Charity LPN Program

  1. I am applying to the LPN program at Charity school of nursing for the Fall 2011 program. The application is due at the end of this month and I wanted to know if anyone else on here is applying, in the program already, or finished the program. I am very nervous about getting in.
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  3. by   tyna2005
    I just turned in my application to the lpn class that starts in August. I waiting to hear if I was accepted or not.
  4. by   H0pefulnurse
    I finally found someone applying to the LPN program and not the RN thank GOD! Lol I turned in my application last Wednesday and I am also waiting to hear from them. When I went to fill out my application the lady said we should be notified in June. I'm nervous, if you don't mind me asking did you have all the prereqs and what was your profile score?
  5. by   tyna2005
    my profile score was a 60. I took anatomy and phys.1 lecture and lab and I have a b in both. I'm taking intro to a&p and medical nutrition therapy this summer.
  6. by   H0pefulnurse
    My score was a 65. I've taken both A&P's but made C's so she said I would have to enroll in the first one again if I get accepted and make a B. I've taken nutrition already too and made a B but I don't go to Delgado so I have to print out a description of the course from my schools catalog to keep the points and bring it in this Monday. Good luck, I hope we both get it.
  7. by   tyna2005
    I took nutrition too, but I made a C so I'm retaking it in the summer. i wanted to take a&p.2 during intercession, but it was too much info for me to get in 3 weeks
  8. by   Cglaws55610
    I also applied for the fall 2011 LPN program. I am also very nervous, bc I am counting on this. I wish they could give us answers sooner. I am awaiting a reply so I no if I need to find childcare and I'd love to know my schedule to I can look for a part time job. I love to have things organized in advance. I was denied so the spring 2011, but after taking to Wilson my odds are looking good for the fall.
  9. by   tyna2005
    aww sorry to hear that. What were their reasons for not accepting you, if u dont mind me asking.
  10. by   Cglaws55610
    My profile score was not high enough. Now that I have taken ap and nutrition class she said I should be good she said that the cut of score was either 60-65 last semester and if it stays the same I will be fine. Since I have completed both I am now at an 80. She strongly recommends to at least get the nutrition done bc you her morepoints for it.
  11. by   tyna2005
    Wow now im nervous. I applied and my profile score was a 55, but i was told i would be a great candiate because i already work in the medical field. Im taking intro a&p this summer and nutrition. Do you know how many students they accept each semester
  12. by   tyna2005
    wow im nervous now. When i turned in my app. I was told I would be a great candidate because i already work in the medical field. I was also told that it good that i was taking intro to A&P and nutrition this summer.
  13. by   Cglaws55610
    I'm not sure how many students they take. That's prob one question I didn't ask. She is prob so annoyed from all my emailed lol. But after denied rn school twice and LPN once I'm determined to start this fall... If not I have was accepted into delta as backup but I prefer not to commute to Covington.
  14. by   tyna2005
    Well im looking into dillard and lsu if i not accepted into charity. I was going to apply to Charity RN program but my profile score was low and they just changed the test. Do you know when we will find out if we're accepted or not