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I am applying to the LPN program at Charity school of nursing for the Fall 2011 program. The application is due at the end of this month and I wanted to know if anyone else on here is applying, in... Read More

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    You are for sure going to be accepted this time with a profile score that high. I wouldn't worry if I were you. Good luck on everything though and I hope we all see each other in August. Thanks for the Nunez info, I went online as well. I'm going to wait to see if I'm accepted or not and then probably go over there fore some more info.

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    Thanks good luck to you. Let's me know how it goes. It would be nice to all get accepted and at least know of someone to talk to about everythig
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    Quote from H0pefulnurse
    Also, do any of you know anything about Nunez Community College LPN program? A lot of ppl said they were also applying there when I went to take the compass at Delgado. I really would hate drive all the way to chalmette from metarie though.
    Nunez's LPN program has a new director, and she has totally redone the program (for the better). The program is only 12 months now and has more clinical time than classroom time, so more hands on stuff than before. Also, the clinicals are done in hospital units as opposed to nursing homes. I believe there are 2 or 3 weeks in a nursing home, and the rest is in major hospitals in the area. I'm applying to start there in the spring. My initial plan was to do an RN/BSN program, but I'm having some difficulty getting into a program. Good luck everyone.
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    Do you know if the deadline to apply for the fall has passed?
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    The deadline is tomorrow. You need to have all of your pre-reqs completed and be enrolled in the required math course for the summer. Here is a link to the bulletin
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    Hey, y'all!

    Just joined allnurses today--I've been perusing the comments about Charity's Fall 2011 LPN program. I applied in the second or third week of May, and I'm definitely on pins and needles waiting for a yes or no answer! I understand we'll find out any day now whether or not we were accepted, and I just wanted to tell everyone good luck! I know this isn't as competitive as the RN program, but who can't help but be nervous
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    Hey everyone,

    I also applied to the program and I am eagerly waiting on the result. Everyone please post if you have heard anything. Good luck!
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    Starting to get nervous. Does anyone know when they are supposed to make calls or if they made them already?
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    im getting nervous as well, no calls were made to me as of yet so im shaking! please all post when you hear
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    I def will. What is you profile score if you don't mind me asking? I was looking at the fall 2010 board and it looks like they made the calls on june 17th last year, which means it will be any day now.

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