Charity LPN Program

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    Hi guys,

    Well I will find out this week if I made it in for the Fall 2010 class. I am so nervous as I have heard so many stories from people. I have heard that if you don't have at least a 90 profile score they won't consider you. I have heard that you MUST have Intro to A&P and DMTP 101 COMPLETED for consideration.

    I have heard different stories and I 'm starting to get scared I didn't make it in. So if anyone has heard anything else please let me know.

    It seems everyone in here is going for their RN but if by chance a future LPN is reading this please speak up.

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    Hi, RN hopeful. Have you checked out the revised PN bulletin showing the pre-reqs? There seems to be a change in the required nutrition course (DMTP 101 instead of BIOL114).

    As for not being considered with a profile score less that 90, it seems that it is competitive scoring and they work their way down. Per the bulletin, higher scores are admitted before lower scores are considered. I took a look at the scoring and it seems they are encouraging applicants to have all of the non-nursing courses out of the way.

    Good luck and keep the faith!
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    As I said in my post, I did complete DMTP 101 already and have Intro to AP lab completed also. I met w/ someone at Charity who worked out my profile score with the new profile score sheet and a 75 is what she computed my profile score to be. She told me to retake Intro to AP lecture this summer semester...didn't say I didn't have a chance if I didnt have them completed.

    So you are basically telling me that I have no chance of getting in with a 75 since they take the best of the best. I have settled on knowing I didnt make it so I'm not expecting on getting a call from Charity.

    Anyone waiting to know if they will make it in, please post
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    Quote from RN hopefull
    So you are basically telling me that I have no chance of getting in with a 75 since they take the best of the best.
    No, that is not what I am telling you. You said, " I have heard that if you don't have at least a 90 profile score they won't consider you." What I was trying to tell you is that they work their way down the line, based on calculated scores. So, who knows, perhaps a 90 wouldn't make it last semester but a 55 will make it next semester. It depends on the applicants

    As for my comment about DMTP 101, that was a general aside for anyone reading this thread. I am one of those who took BIOL 114 and was surprised to see it would no longer suffice. To you specifically I was pointing out the bulletin link because there are ways to boost your score, based on course enrollment or completion.
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    I apologize for being snappy. I guess I am so stressed about this situation that I am jumpy at everything. I am the one who failed the TEAS last september and shattered my dreams of applying to the RN program so another disappointment would just be horrible for me.

    Right now, I am just preparing for the worse and I have basically stopped hoping for the best. Truthfully a 75 profile score is really bad...I know realistically my chances of getting in with that are bad. I wonder how many seats are available. If its only 25 like I was told by a classmate last night then I really didn't get in.

    Once again, I am trully sorry for sounding mean.
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    Okay the not knowing me. I know calls are being made this week for those accepted into the LPN program. I am 99.99 % certain I didn't make it in but I guess it won't sink in until I read the letter of rejection.
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    CORRECTION: The knowing is killing me!
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    Hi ya'll!

    Just wanted to let you know that I just got my call!

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    Yeahhhhh! Congrats girl!
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    Hi Nursestudent1975!

    Thanks for the cheer! I went to Charity this afternoon to sign the acceptance paperwork. It was so weird because on my way there is was thundering and raining hard. I was thinking I was going to get completely drenched walking to Charity. Then when I parked the sun came out! It was almost a split second thing! I put like 3 dollars in the meter thinking I would be there a while....wasn't even in there 10 minutes! Oh $3 I ever spent (LOL)

    I still think I'm dreaming and its midnight! So its been like 12 hours since finding out I got in. Oh gosh, I'm starting to sound cheesy huh?!

    So I read my packet already (yep, I couldn't wait). I have so many health requirements to complete but I basically did all of them when I got hired by EJGH so I think I am ok. Orientation is July 21st. I am so excited and can't wait.

    BTW, I got an 81 on my first Bio 161 test. I was 4 pts away from an A! I have 2nd test next week and I started studying today. Also, just took my Medical Terminology test (2nd). Made an A on it and made an A on my first one. With the Charity acceptance, I just got a big boost to do much much better in class!

    woooooooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooo!

    (just ask me in August how I'm doing...might not be doing the happy dance!)

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