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I just got my acceptance letter today for Jan '08 class. I can't wait. Has anybody else gotten their letter yet? I was wondering where is the best place to get all the medical tests done (i.e. Hep B, MMR, etc) that they... Read More

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    I just ordered my books last night, they should be here by Wed. Still need my uniform and my CPR card hasn't come in yet. Oh yeah, and that Nurse Pak thingy, need that too. The student-to-student is at 9:00 am in the 7th floor Gym right? I'll be there. Can't wait!

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    Hey MartinEMT,
    The Student to student is 9:00am, I can't wait either!! When are you going to do your CPR? Did you take care of your liability insurance? I did mine through NSO. Also, I bought a PDA last week it hasn't come in yet, but after reading on here how useful they are I felt the need to arm myself with all the help I can get. Have you ever had/used one?
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    I took the CPR class already but just haven't gotten my card yet. I have my liability insurance through NSO also but I haven't gotten anything in the mail from them yet, have you? f you did, how long did it take? I did mine on the 17th of Dec and haven't gotten any paperwork yet.
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    For those of you who haven't gotten any paperwork from NSO, you could get them to fax your policy directly to Charity (they do this often). That way, the lady at Charity will already have your policy and you can relax and get yours in the mail when it comes.
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    Well, I too am excited/nervous. I've gotten my books, no supplies or nurse pak. I am a LPN, and remember from then that the supplies are not needed til way later. If they say we need them on a certain date, I will run and pick them up. I am thinking we will start with a lot of book work first. I have started on my reading assignments. Not sure if I'll go to the student to student on Wednesday, but will be there on Thursday for sure. I don't think we will need the uniforms til about March when clinicals start. I am hoping to hear from my financial aid to help with some of this stuff. Good luck !
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    hello to all. i'm mostly excited for now. clinicals is what makes me sort of nervous but hopefully by then i'll feel comfortable enough with my instructor and i wont be too nervous. i plan on going to student to student, i've heard some say it is a waste of time and gas, but i've heard others say u can get a lot of valuable info so i think i'll go. can't hurt. i got most of my books, still waiting on a couple more to come in. i ordered uniforms, still have to get rest of supplies. still waiting to hear from financial aid. the biggest thing is i just found out my health insurance was canceled. does anyone know when i have to show proof of health insurance? i think it is supposed to be turned in right in the beginning but i think i remember reading it has to be given in time for clinicals. has anyone used the student insurance they recommend? if so, how long did it take to get the policy?
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    I am pretty sure we have to have proof of medical insurance on Monday. I am not familiar with the insurance through the school. As for liability insurance with NSO, I haven't received anything by mail either, but I did get an e-mail which led me to my account and I was able to print out my proof of insurance, which I belive we have to show the first day of school, maybe try going back to the web site and see what you can find. I have started my reading assignments as well, its ok, alot of background info. I'm anxious to get down to the real stuff (finally).
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    yeah i got the NSO stuff together i just have to get it together with the health insurance stuff. i've mostly been trying to read the fundamentals success book. i've heard it's a good idea to read b/c everyone i've talked to that went to charity said the most difficult part is the tests are tricky.
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    I got my health insurance through United Healthcare, short-term policy paid monthly. It's only $50 a month, but hey if I need it, I have to have it. I only need it until I get married and can get on my fiancee's Health Ins at her work. They're pretty quick about stuff too. I applied on the 26th of Dec to have my coverage start on the 1st of January and got my cards and all the paperwork on this past Tuesday the 2nd.
    Not bad for being during the holidays.
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    i look into that. thanks for the info.

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