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A girlfriend of mine, whom I work with at an ob-gyn here in louisiana told me she got accepted for an earlier term than she applied for because of her scores and grades... has this happened to any of... Read More

  1. by   cpkRN
    I was in your same situation, hon. I busted my hump at a 4 year liberal arts college with a great rep and Delgado/Charity won't let some transfer. I had to retake 2 English and 2 Math along with the pre-reqs I already needed. I already had 1 English and 1 Math at my previous college, but neither counted. They only let me skip the remedial classes because I went to each departments dean and she set me into the higher level classes.

    Good luck to you! I'm sorry you had to deal with Delgado's "issues" (that's putting things lightly... I did my hoework on Charity early because I knew stupid things like this happen there all the time (thank you to a certain friend here :-)).
  2. by   2bnursenikki316
    Yes I got that same letter. I was applying for Fall but took my TEAS last month and got an 87 and they sent me a letter a few days ago saying that if I got my app in before August 21st I am being considered for the Spring "pop up" session! Glad to hear it isnt just me because I was worried about getting my hopes up for nothing! It would be a blessing to start in Januar versus August!!
  3. by   Hopefull nurse
    Oh my gosh, its horrible the mistakes made my Delgado. I was told that I had to finish Bio 141/143, A&PI and II, Bio 211 before I could apply for Charity. So, I was told I could apply to get in for Fall 2011 class. I went to Charity and spoke to admissions. Turns out I could actually apply for Charity this September and hopefully get in next year! I was so relieved that I could get in a year sooner. God knows how many other people get the wrong information.
    On another note, I have a question regarding the profile score. I reviewed my profile score right now with someone at Charity. After taking the TEAS and scoring a good grade, the highest score I can get on my profile is a 65. Is there any possible way of getting into Charity with that? I keep thinking I should just forget the idea about becoming a nurse.
    a 65 is the highest I can get if I apply for Fall 2010. If I wait and apply for Fall 2011, I can push up my GPA, and get the points after taking A&P I and II. What should I do?
    It would be absoulutely devastating for me if I got rejected. I think I would cry for a year!
  4. by   beejaycee
    If you are already enrolled at Delgado, it does not cost to apply to Charity. What is the downside of applying for Fall 2010 and then again for Fall 2011 if you aren't accepted? If you are turned down for Fall 2010, then you know you need to really work on getting your score up there!

    Don't forget Thomas Edison's philosophy: he said that he discovered a thousand ways that the lightbulb did not work before he discovered a way that did.
  5. by   Hopefull nurse

    Yes, I actually am excited about starting classes next month at Delgado. The person at Charity Admissions explained that if I apply for Fall 2010 my GPA of 3.0 wont change and I won't get any pts for A&P 1 completion. But, if I wait and apply for Fall 2011, my GPA has the possibility of changing and I will earn the pts for A&P I and enrolled in A&P II. She said for me to try for next year and if I should not get in to just go with my original plan of Fall 2011. I wish I could take a whole bunch of classes until I have a 4.0 and everything completed to have a better chance of getting in.
    One of my moms friend has a daughter who says she has been trying to get in for years and cant. I don't think I could try and try over and over again. Plus, it sucks that even though you may have the necessary requirements, if there are more students than spots, you won't get in. In a way its like a 50 50 chance. I have my TEAS scheduled for September 23 and I will turn in my application by the 30th (due date). Do you think the sooner you turn in your application, the higher you are on the list? I will be one of those people who turns the application almost by the deadline. I'm scared that it means they put you on the list as they get the applications...sort of like first come, first serve.
    I was told that the cut off has been 60 for the past 3 years. If the highest score I can get is a 65 then I have a chance. But what if the cut off this time is a 66? I'll be a point short. That would suck! Oh, I am starting to scare my self aren't I? I guess subcontiously I am preparing myself for the worst.......just in case.