Beware OLOL Accelerated ASN - page 4

This may burst the bubble of people who are considering OLOL College Accelerated Nursing Program but it is crazy hard and if you don't get through that pharm with an 80 (also the semester is 20 days... Read More

  1. by   smichelle
    i got my letter too. I was accepted at the EJ location.....Benella89 what location
  2. by   benella89
    Congrats! I got accepted into the EJ location as well!
  3. by   jbrig
    I have been accepted as well! Letter never made it to me so I talked to someone in admissions and they told me I've been accepted and they will resend my letter.
  4. by   smichelle
  5. by   jbrig
    So smichelle and benella89 are yall from the New Orleans area? I am a couple of hours west of New Orleans so I will be moving to there for school. Ive been looking for housing there and wondering if anyone knows of some decent places to live around there that are close to the East Jefferson Hospital.
  6. by   smichelle
    Jbrig, im from the westbank..which is about 15 to 20 min from Metairie maybe less depending on traffic. From my knowledge, metairie area is a great place to house. Also, it depend on your budget or what you willimg to spend. Google Metairie apartments or houses depending on your preference and you will see alot of locations.
  7. by   benella89
    jbrig, I live about an hour and a half southwest of Metairie so I'll have to find housing in Metairie as well. I've been looking into housing around Metairie, and I found a few places around the hospital that seem like decent places to live. I'll probably go ride to Metairie soon to look around for places. I wasn't approved for much financial aid so I'm waiting to see how much student loans I can get to see how much money I'll have for living expenses since I probably won't be working during the program. It's all so stressful!

    Have any of y'all finished and sent in y'all packets? I sent in the LSBN packet with the money order and my fingerprint cards. I've finished everything in the health packet except for the drug screening test which I plan to go do soon.
  8. by   jbrig
    Well it looks like you are on the ball more than me! I havent done any of the health packet yet. I'm looking at doing the fingerprinting on thursday but still need to look into getting a dr. appt soon so I can get the ball rolling on the rest of the health packet. I also have been trying to find some financial aid. Already having a bachelor's makes that difficult. Have you heard of the WIA-Workforce Investment Act? I hear that previous students have received funding through that program. I have e-mailed the financial aid office twice but I guess they dont like using e-mail. I will try to call them and see if they have more info on it. Crazy all these deadlines are fast approaching!