Best Hospital for New Grads in BR area

  1. Best Hospital for New Grads in BR area?

    I'm excited because I only have one more semester of nursing school. I'm interest in working at olol but I have several concerns...

    My concerns are mainly wage-related and if the hospitals are new grad sensitive. I am interested in Med-surg, ER, and PACU. I believe the lake is new grad sensitive in certain areas but fail to offer high competitive salaries for new grads...

    For seasoned nurses who have worked at several hospitals around baton rouge, where would you recommend new grads work and why?

    And for New Grads, what incentive made you join that hospital's staff?
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  3. by   ThrowEdNurse
    If being paid a fair wage that reflects the nursing shortage as well as the difficulty of practicing as a nurse in this area, then you don't want to nurse down here. We just don't get paid what we are worth. All the facilities pay the same, no matter what anyone says. Perks such as disaster pay and bonuses are better at private hospitals like the Lake and Woman's than they are at the General because the General is a not for profit and is a community owned hospital and serves so many uninsured people. (don't expect that to be appreciated or to receive any respect due to the fact that you help the indigent.) All of the hospitals will work with new grads due to the fact that they are all desperate for nurses, no matter what front they put on to help keep wages low. It sucks to nurse down here, but you receive invaluable experience. If you chose the right hospital, it is an extremely valuable learning experience and if you can nurse the type of special pts we have in this community (poor, uneducated, physically and mentally ill, and apathetic) then you can nurse anyone. Just don't expect much from your employer. If money is your top priority, then go with agency nursing. You probably also need to consider your specialty. This will help guide you to the right facility. I chose the facility to work at that I did due to the nurse interning opportunity in the dept I desired. When I attempted to apply for the same at the Lake I was given the run around by the flat out rude nurse recruiter. The attitude of the hospital's recruiter reflected the hospital's attitude to nurses in my opinion.
  4. by   gcupid
    Thanks for your response!... I believe from reading your opinion, I know what hospital is recommended.