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Hi everyone, Is anyone else applying to Baton Rouge General for the January 2012 class?... Read More

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    Thanks and good luck to you!

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    Congrats yall! I didn't get in, the deemed me ineligible bc I didn't finish A&P II but maybe next year if I don't get in anywhere else.
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    I was accepted too! I also applied to LSU, and I'm thinking I'll find out from them this week hopefully so I can make a decision before the 14th deadline! Congrats to everyone that got in!
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    Good luck LSUHopeful23!

    Congrats hannah! Let us know what you decide!
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    Hey anich22, let me know when you get anything in the mail from BRG. I emailed them accepting my admission, so I hope that's all they need. And I guess we just send the passport photos and check before the deadline?
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    I emailed them Friday evening accepting admissions and I mailed my check and passport photos on Monday. Hopefully the rest of the information will come soon. I just wish I knew more. But I will definitely let you know when I get something in the mail!
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    Thanks! I'm going take my photos tomorrow morning, then mailing everything off! I'm still so excited!! I'm already bookmarking websites with pharmacology notes lol.
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    Haha I'm just worried about getting out of this semester alive... and finding a place to live in Baton Rouge!
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    Where are you living now? And what classes are you taking?
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    I'm from Slidell, I have micro, micro lab, biology, LA history, abnormal psychology, and American Lit. I made my schedule before i found BRG so I was applying to SELU.

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