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Hi everyone, Is anyone else applying to Baton Rouge General for the January 2012 class?... Read More

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    lsupanda, where are you taking that physiology class? I need one too and I would love to take it online with a "good" teacher. LOL

    BTW, I was thinking about Baton Rouge General too but I decided to put my efforts toward Charity. Good luck to you guys!

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    Nicholls State
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    Quote from lsupanda
    Nicholls State
    I'm checking their website and I don't see an online physiology class offered for Summer or Fall 2011
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    Sorry, didnot mean to post Nicholls lol. It's through NSU (Northwestern)
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    Quote from lsupanda
    Sorry, didnot mean to post Nicholls lol. It's through NSU (Northwestern)
    Ok, thanks! What professor are you taking? Are you taking the lab as well?

    For anyone else looking for an online course, Clovis Community College has A&P I & II and Microbiology incl. the labs online. I don't know if the credits are accepted everywhere but they do have a nursing program so they should be.
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    Sorry, but I'm not naming my professor.
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    Does anyone know what the gpa they normally take is? I have a 3.3 but I didn't know if it was high enough. Also has anyone taken the TEAS test yet?
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    From what's I've heard, your GPA is average to good. I have a 3.3 or 3.4. I am taking the TEAS on Sept. 17th. I took it last year and made average, but crappy grade in my eyes. I ordered the ATI study book this time and I'm studying a little everyday until the test.
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    I am taking it sept. 17 and bought the book from Ati.. Im still freaking out, this is the first time I'm taking it. I hope I can make a high enough score to get in. Ive just heard bad things about the teas so I hope the book and practice tests will help.
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    I'm nervous, too. I've taken it before, but it still freaks me out. This is the last thing I have left to do for my application, so that makes me even more nervous lol. What time are you taking it? I'm taking it at 9 on Summa Ave.

    I've also read that if you do well on the practice tests on the ATI website, you should do well on the actual test. Most people say the practice tests are harder than the actual test. Good luck!

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