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Hi everyone, Is anyone else applying to Baton Rouge General for the January 2012 class?... Read More

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    Hi! I'm applying for the January 2012 too! I was just curious to see what yall's GPA and TEAS scores were like, if yall don't mind me asking! I just want to see if I'm my scores are good enough to compare

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    My GPA now is about a 3.3. When I took the TEAS last year, I made a 60, which really sucks, but I didn't study at all. I plan on taking a month or two to study for it before I take it again.

    Good luck!!
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    Mine is a 3.2 right now. I met with someone at the school last week and she recommended that I score an 80 or better on the TEAS to be considered... Hopefully that's doable! When do you plan on taking it?
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    Yeah, Elizabeth said that last year someone was accepted with a score of around 70, and that was the lowest in that class. I'm hoping to take it around the end of August or some time in September. I want to study for it for as long as possible and I think the last day to take the test at BRG is some time in September, as least it was when I took it last year.
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    Oh okay. Because when I met with that lady last week she said it needs to be done by September 30th so it can be sent in with the rest of the stuff. Have you finished your pre reqs?
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    Yeah I did it the first or second week of September last year. I am taking an online physiology class right now, but I'll be done the first week of August. Are you done with yours?
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    I'm taking Physiology as an Independent Study course at LSU right now, and Idk when I'll be done but hopefully by Sept. I'm also taking Micro Lab in the fall.
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    My friend and I were taking that one, too, but the teacher was crazy. We found an online class through another university that was 4 weeks long. All his tests come from the books website, so it's impossible to fail. We're dropping the LSU independent class once we get our grades for the online class.

    I can't remember who I took for Micro, but his name started with a G I think. He was supper easy!
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    OMG really??? What university? Because I just started this IS and it's already kicking my butt. Idk if I'll finish in time!
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    I messaged you.

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