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Hi everyone, Is anyone else applying to Baton Rouge General for the January 2012 class?... Read More

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    It's hard to find someone to live with me, I come with a fiancÚ and two dogs haha.

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    Haha, well its just me and its still hard.
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    Ive been looking on Craiglist for apartments but nothing is cheap. So I guess I'm going to be getting a job too.
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    Yeah, getting a job has crossed my mind (I would want to work at the hospital). But, I don't know how realistic that is...everyone I've talked to that has gone thru nursing school says that you have time for two things: class and studying. This whole finding a place to live is stressing me out more than the idea of starting nursing school !!!
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    Oh I know me too! That's all I've been stressing about. Only 30 days until we start and I have absolutely no idea where I'm living. And I can't commute from Slidell it's too far. And the whole job thing scares me too. Everyone I know says you can't work and go to school.
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    Have you guys checked Chateaux Dejon on Essen? We lived there a few years ago and it's really nice, and not that expensive. If you guys need any other ideas or help finding something, let me know. I look forward to meeting ya'll next week!
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    I have seen it but hadn't really looked at it. My fiancÚ's parents are going to let me live with them for a semester until I figure out my finances thank goodness ! But I will definitely check them out ! Thanks ! I'm looking forward to orientation!
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    You're welcome! I'm really looking forward to orientation, too! I have so many questions and so many things running through my mind; I need some answers lol. Have you started studying anything yet? I feel like I should be doing something!
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    Oh I know me too! I feel like I don't know anything and that drives me crazy, I'm a planner and I like to know what's going on! I just finished my finals yesterday( yay!!) but i feel like I need to be studying something but I don't know what !
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    I'm the same way! I am very organized and like to have everything planned ahead of time. I found a great website for flashcards, but I'm not sure where to even begin! Congrats on finishing finals! At least you get a little break before starting again.

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