Are Lafayette hospitals hiring new grads rns? Are Lafayette hospitals hiring new grads rns? | allnurses

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Are Lafayette hospitals hiring new grads rns?

  1. 0 Hi, I usually dont log in or comment. I enjoy just reading the posts. I have a question for anyone who knows. Are there any hospitals in Lafayette, La hiring new grad RNs? I have been filling out applications for the last past three weeks. I have not received a call or anything. And for some hospitals in Lafayette, its taking them about two to update the status on the job openings such as "position filled" or "under consideration". What takes so long? Im pretty much getting discouraged and considering looking in another city or maybe even another state. Its obvious to me that if a hospital continues to post RN job openings, that they need the help.

    Does any hospitals in Lafayette offer sign-on bonuses and/or relocation expenses?

    Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.
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    There were several openings at University Hospital in Lafayette. I was called for an interview for an ER position a couple of weeks ago, but I had already taken a position with a hospital in Jackson MS.

    Keep your options open about relocating, even if you do have to pay for the move. I applied for NUMEROUS jobs in the New Orleans area when I finally said to heck with it, and started looking in MS. So far, I've had a number of calls for interviews.
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    Thanks alot. I applied for that position also but they never called me. Are you a new grad?
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    Yep, graduated in December.

    Hang in there and don't get discouraged, something will come along. Just apply for everything you can find and keep your options open about relocating.
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    Try Lafayette General. They're expanding and doing renovations so they're looking for nurses. I'm a new graduate as well and I was lucky enough to have gotten the job! Just keep trying!
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    lbouta1, where do you work? And did get a sign on bonus?
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    We have the same situation and I know how you feel right now.I moved here in January and been to 4 interviews but still no luck.Im getting really discouraged and frustrated.I think it's harder to find a job here if you're a new grad and no experience..I'm also considering moving out of the state if I wont find a job in June..Are you originally from LA?
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    misia84, yes I am from Louisiana. I just wanted to move to Lafayette because I like it and its close to home. What hospitals have you interviewed with?
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    I had an interview at the Regional Medical Center of Acadiana for med/surg and telemetry positions.I also had an interview at the fertility clinic and lastly i had an interview at the University Medical Center for quality management position.I applied anything that's available..I hope we both can find a job soon..I dont know anyone here who's a nurse and i hope we'll keep in touch...Good luck to both of us.
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    Did you find a job already?
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    @ misia84

    yes, i have a job. i took an ofer a couple weeks ago in lafayette. how about you?
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    good for you.i'm happy for you...i dont have a job yet..didn't get any phone calls for a couple of weeks now.what do u do?
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    I will be working in post op on nights. i prefer nights. I receive a call from Lafayette General and had an interview last week. They havent called me. I pray that things work out for you. I know it will.