Anyone heard about Louisiana College ABSN program?

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    Hello everyone!

    I was hoping to find out some information about Louisiana College's ABSN program. If there are any recent graduates out there that could provide some insight to the program it would be much appreciated.

    How was the interview process?

    How was the pace of the program? Do you feel prepared as a RN?

    Does anyone know if you can specialize in postpartum care?

    Thank You!

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    The interview process for ABSN students is usually a group process - a bit nerve wracking but easy enough to get through if you stay cool. The pace of the program is pretty intense - but you expect that in an accelerated program. Four semesters, one after the other. There are some short breaks at Christmas and summer etc but you have to stay focused for pretty much most of the time. I felt very prepared as an RN. Like most of my class I passed the HESI national standardized exam to prepare for NCLEX with a score over 1000 - I believe that that is a really good score for us all to have achieved. Most of us went on to pass NCLEX after taking only 75 questions. Staff in the hospital complimented me on being well prepared for my role as a RN, and told me to pass on their comments to my instructors. I do not know if you can specialize in post partum care - maybe in your final preceptorship experience? Hope this helps.
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    Thank you for your thoughts! I did not know that we had a final preceptorship. Do you have any advice for the first semester of school?
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    Hi Bott,

    I am applying to the ABSN program for next fall and have some questions if you don't mind answering them . I think you can message me if your up for some Q&A?

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    does anybody have an idea about the total cost of the program
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