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  1. Hi, I just would love any advice or discussions on this school. I am starting in the fall and am doing the ASN program before doing the ASN-BSN. I posted the recomended schedule on the nursing student discussion board and I got a couple of people jumping down my throat with how "Ridiculous and not-do-able" it was. Are you or have you taken the schedule? I think its do-able if you work hard, I have seen so many students that just do not want to put in the work.
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  3. by   meaganellise
    I graduated from the OLOL accelerated program last October. I am not sure what your schedule looks like, but pretty much anything is doable. I got my ASN in 10 months and I did have to work hard, but it wasn't ridiculously hard or impossible.
  4. by   KimGau
    I have Chemistry, Algebra, English, A&P, A&P lab, psychology and intro to college education (unless I can get out of it) How was your experience at OLOL?
  5. by   meaganellise
    Before I started the program, I took Microbiology, A&P 2, chemistry, a psychology course and a philosophy course, while working full-time. Anything is doable. My experience with the accelerated program was both hectic and worthwhile! There is a steep learning curve when you begin school.