Any info on Holy Cross?

  1. I recently moved here and I've been looking at nursing schools in the area. Because I've still not established in-state residency, any state school would cost quite a bit with the out of state tuition. I was looking at OLHCC and it seems like their tuition is only about 4000 per semester. They also require pretty much the same pre-reqs as the ones I already have. I looked at Charity but since I already have two years of schooling and all my general ed done it would really be a waste to not go ahead and get a BSN. Does anyone have any info or experience with this school or any others?
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  3. by   H0pefulnurse
    I will be starting the RN program in the fall. It's a great school, small and like a family. If you have a GPA of 2.5 or above and take a majority of your courses there then you will most likely get accepted into the program. The TEAS is also important. I know ppl who were 1 point away from proficient and didn't get into the program. You will have to study A LOT! It's easier to get in than it is to stay in the program. It is expensive but I love the faculty and all the ppl I've met.
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    Also they factor in previously failed courses taken at other schools into your Nursing GPA which is why most ppl have to take courses at the school to raise their GPA before they can even apply to the program.