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  1. 0 is anyone on here attending or either have attended blue cliff coll. in metaire or la technical cc/river parishes for medical asistant? if u did can u please tell me how to get into the program and what is it like at which ever school? also how much did u make for your first job? thanks
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    I never attended blue cliff, but I am a medical assistant. I don't regret becoming a MA, but I am now in LPN school, and I feel I should've done that anyway. The good thing about being a MA is that you have a few options. You can work in a lab as a phlebomist, a doctors office, or work as a EKG tech. You can get all of these certifications within the MA program. I've been a MA for 5 yrs. You should ask for a minimum of $12.00/hr. to start. Be sure of yourself, because if you let employers pay you less they will.--Good Luck!!!
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