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Hello all, I accepted a position at a Kindred LTAC in MA. I was looking in the other forums and came across some posts suggesting a new grad stay away from LTACs. I would appreciate any information or advice anyone has to... Read More

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    I got 6 weeks as a new grad and I felt comfortable at the end of my orientation..but we have had people here get longer orientations if they need it. I think what is important is making the most of your orientation. ASK QUESTIONS! Your preceptor is a great resource while you have them...use it!! Tell all the nurses on the floor you want to practice your skills...they will usually be happy to let you practice on their patients and it's a good way to get the practice in while you have your preceptor as a safety net.
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    I am soooo happy to hear more about LTAC's!
    I am so excited to start I know it's a big adjustment from nursing school to the floor. It sounds like I found exactly what I wanted. I will say it again. This site should have its own thread, I'm going to ask around. I believe we could really learn a lot from each other.
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    LTAC now has its' own forum! It was added today. Yay :-D
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    I go to first day of orientation on Tuesday and I will update with how long the orientation is scheduled to last. I think it is 12 weeks. I am so glad this forum was added!
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    Quote from RN1822
    I go to first day of orientation on Tuesday and I will update with how long the orientation is scheduled to last. I think it is 12 weeks. I am so glad this forum was added!
    Good Luck!
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    Okay, so at 830 in the morning I start my first day or orientation. My bag is packed, stethoscope, lunch, snack, water bottle, chapstick, nursing credentials, pens, scissors, highlighters and lifesavers.....I feel like I just packed to go away to summer camp. Now I am too excited/nervous to sleep. Bag repacked, different scrubs laid out, double check that socks still match.....OMG, I am supposed to wear scrubs to the orientation aren't I? They never said dress casually for the first part of orientation so I am going in a solid color scrub set.

    I did a test drive in traffice to see how long the commute would be and even found a safe and clean place for a midway bathroom stop if necessary. I believe I am ready to do this, now if I could only fall asleep!! I will update tomorrow when I have the details on the length of my orientation.

    Thanks everyone for all the information and wishes for success!!
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    In an LTAC/LATCH(Long Term Acute Care Hospital)...organization is key. You will learn a TON. Does the LTAC where you work have the ICU? LTAC's are full of very acute patients, all the medically complex/complicated course/unusual illness patient are collected under one roof. Staffing can be an issue......take what they are going to offer you and learn.

    You will learn a TON and Kindred is willing to teach. Organization is key.

    Here are some brain sheets.
    brain are a few.

    ntp medsurg.doc 1 patient float.doc‎
    5 pt. shift.doc‎
    report sheet.doc‎
    day sheet 2 doc.doc

    critical thinking flow sheet for nursing students
    student clinical report sheet for one patient

    I have made some for nursing students and some other an members (Daytonite) have made these for others.....adapt them way you want. I hope they help

    GOOD LUCK!!!!
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    That's sooo exciting! I'm excited for you!
    I'm also excited for myself even though I have an entire month to go. I also have to take a preemployment med exam...:uhoh21: uh-oh, i pray that I do well. I have no idea what to expect....

    How did it go RN1822?! How long is your commute?

    Hope everything went well!
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    Well, two days of orientation down and 12 weeks to go. All is going very smooth so far. Everyone has been very helpful, i will find out who my preceptor is tomorrow and will meet with them. They told me that orientation was between 4 or 12 weeks depending on how much i felt i neede. The Education Nurse shared that it was absolutely fine to take the whole 12 and to even request more if you felt uncomfortable.

    I was surprised to learn that I am now in a union. I have zero union exposure or experience so I will be gathering information about that, I reviewed that contract and it looks pretty straightforward.

    I did not have to take a pre employment med exam but i will be taking one in orientation. My commute is about an hour but, i don't mind a commute. I like a little transition time between work and home.

    Thank you so much Asst admin for all the information!!
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    My name is Esme......I wish you the best. What do you need to know about the union?

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