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I recently attended a job fair at a local facility (SE Texas) that's called a "free standing LTAC". They're apparently a step down from the hospital and provide care for patients who need care that... Read More

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    Select Specialty Hospitals are like those described above. We have 1 here in S. Indiana. I was there on clinical and LOVED it! Their ratio is 5:1, and they also have a dialysis suite and a small ICU. I think they are nationwide. I plan to try to "get on" there after I have some experience under my belt.

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    I just recently started working at an LTAC in northern ohio. Aides 1:14 ratio, Nurses 1:3-5 (dep on acuity and census). On a floor at a hospital. Uses hospital systems computer system, does paper charting, uses the OR, lab, dignostics, and medical that the hospital uses. These patients are: trached, vented, pre and post transplant, transplant rejection, pre and post VAD placement, IV sedation and cardiac drips including levo, autonomy (nurses has protocol/standing orders so as to not have to get emergency orders prior to ACLS stuff, common issues, titrating meds, restraints). These patients are 'too sick to live and too healthy to die' as quoted from another member. These patients are on walking a fine line between recovering or not. Procedures done at bedside include broncs, colons, debriedments, flap closures, CVP line placement, PICC line placement, dialysis, tele. Also seen are wounds that are extremely complex, multi system organ failures, neuro, MDROs. The nurses seem to enjoy the place they work for, rave about the boss lady, and seem to genuinely care about the patients and have the time to do it. There are so many tasks in a shift that I'm hoping I won't grow bored.

    The pay is sooo great, the benes are better than most, and the NM seems to be totally supportive of the staff and their needs (i.e. ok with splitting up a shift 2/10, 4/8, 6/6 between nurses), and this place has it's own in house 'agency' which staff can sign up to work through and get paid the next day for picking up any hours in increments of 2. The pay for that is a five buck bump, too. Oh, and they will pay you for that shift you picked up yesterday, today, if you want. Vacation time per year to start, 18 12hour days, aka six whole weeks!

    Good luck to you at your new job. Keep us posted on how it goes.
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    Hi all, I live in North Texas and will be graduating in August as a LVN. I want to work for one of those LTAC but alot are now not hiring LVNs or want some experience...What would be the best experience for me to get?
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    Will working at a LTAC such as a Kindred help on my resume if I later want to go into regular hospital nursing later on or does it kind of kill your chances? I Had hosp. exp. years and years ago, but last 10 yrs. has been mainly home care.
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    You will keep busy and learn alot. The shifts fly by. I have worked at one and the pay was much better than the traditional hospital. Wish you the best.

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