Hard of Hearing....Is this the right fit? Hard of Hearing....Is this the right fit? | allnurses

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Hard of Hearing....Is this the right fit?

  1. 0 I'm a RN with bilateral moderate hearing loss and wear BTE's. I've been a nurse 5 years with the majority of that spent in Adolescent Psych. Due to a move back to Ohio from NC I had to leave that position which I absolutely loved. I've searched in Ohio for the same kind of work with no luck. So I decided to expand my search and pretty much have applied for any and every nursing job within a 30 min. commute. I have an interview scheduled tomorrow at a LTC but I'm wondering if it will be a good fit for me with my hearing loss. Does anyone have any experience working in LTC with a disability or know someone who has? I would love to hear about your experience.
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    You mention that you wear devices that help with your hearing, so are you still hard of hearing with them on? I am a CNA and I am hard of hearing, but I do not have any hearing aides. I usually can hear people talking if they are directly in front of me and have a strong speaking voice. It is embarrassing sometimes when I don't quite understand someone and I have to keep saying huh. But you hang in there and don't let your disability get you down. I don't think you would have many problems working in a LTC facility just because you have moderate hearing loss, hey so does about 50% of the patients. I am currently working on reading lips, which will help tremendously.
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    I still have hearing issues even with my hearing aides. I have a hard time understanding speech especially from those who have accents or voices with a high pitch. Background noise is another big issue I deal with. So even though hearing aides amplify sound, they are not a cure all for hearing loss. I don't necessarily find it embarrassing to have ask people to repeat themselves, but I do find it frustrating as I'm sure it is for them as well. Thanks for replying to my post.