What business licenses do you have?

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    Hello, I posted earlier and had another question. I am confused as to what business licenses I may need to begin working as an lnc. I obviously have my rn license, I have also registered my business name with my state. Are there any other licenses I need to work as an lnc?
    I also have a bit of a unique situation as I live in one state but have my rn license in another and will be working with attorney's in the other state that I have my license in. I have registered my business name in the state I live in as that is where my office will be (in my home). Does anyone know if I need to get any additional licenses in either state? Should I register my business name in the other state as well?
    Thank you for your time.
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    You need to check with the County and City to see if you need another license to run your business in the state in which the business is located.

    I see no reason for additional business licenses in the state where you have the RN license.

    I might go ahead and get an RN license in the state in which you reside, however.