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  1. Hi everyone. Does anyone know how long it takes after you apply online to take the Vickie Milazzo Cert. exam before you get the letter to schedule the exam? I finished my course and am anxious to get the exam over with (I have terrible test anxiety!). Thank you!
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  3. by   sirI
    Hello, preoprn

    I'm sorry, but I don't know. There are some here who have done the Home Study course. Hopefully they will answer your question about the time frame for testing.

    Good luck!!! I'm sure you will do fine.
  4. by   RN1989
    When I called to get the authorization number needed to schedule the exam they told me 3-4 weeks but I got everything within about 10 days.
  5. by   wooh
    Same here, about 2 weeks. It's an annoyingly long wait!
  6. by   preoprn
    OK, I take my CLNC exam on Tuesday June 3rd. Wish me luck, I have test anxiety. When I take the test in the back of the book, I get a 98%. I don't know how that test compares to the real thing but put me in a room for a test with a time limit, things change quite a bit! Still amazes me how I passed my nursing boards. Funny, I remember thinking during the boards - OK, if something happens to me and I go down, at least everyone in here knows CPR! Pitiful, I know.
  7. by   RN1989
    Good luck! Don't forget to take two forms of ID with you in addition to your nursing license.
  8. by   sirI
    I'm sure you'll do fine. If your scores are that high from the pre-test questions, you are doing excellent!!

    When I took my exam, I was the VERY last one to finish. LOL!! So, don't get too anxious.

    You will be successful. Let us know when you find out you are a brand new CLNC!!!!
  9. by   preoprn
    OK, tomorrow is test day. wish me luck!
  10. by   tnbutterfly
    good luck preoprn!!!!

  11. by   sirI
    GOOD LUCK, preoprn!!!!!!!!!!! Let us know when you are CLNC!!
  12. by   preoprn
    I PASSED!!! Thanks everyone for your support!
  13. by   KLKRN
    YAY!!!!! Congratulations preoprn, CLNC!


    Woo hoo! Happy Dance!!!
  14. by   sirI

    congratulations, preoprn, clnc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (i told ya you'd pass!!!!:wink2

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