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  1. I am a new CLNC myself and just getting my own biz up and running. I have seen others on this site (just discovered it recently!) that refer to the appropriate legal software. If anyone could make some suggestions in the software issue it would be much appreciated. Also, If anyone could share with me some initial questions that attorneys might ask of me and what I might ask of attorneys on the initial intereview regarding my services, that also would be a great help to me. Thanks for the great website!!!! This is a wonderful service!!
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  3. by   sirI
    hello, msparadigm, and welcome to and the legal nursing forum

    good to have you join us. i moved your post to its own thread in the forum for a better response.

    congratulations on being a legal nurse consultant.

    please review the sticky thread (found at the top of this forum) entitled for helpful advice regarding:

    legal nurse consulting and marketing ideas

    a few common attorney questions:

    • what is an lnc?
    • why should we contract you? we do just fine with the reports from a physician.
    • my paralegal is able to do the research for our med-mal cases so what can you do that they cannot do?
    • you charge too much for your services. why?

    a few common questions you need to ask of the attorney:

    • when are the statute of limitations of the case?
    • what are the issues you've defined for the case?
    • do you want me to render a verbal report?
    • do you want me to render a brief written report or a complex written report?
    • how much time do you want me to spend on this case?
    if you have specific questions about the software, please contact me via private message. click on my name and then click, "send a private message to siri".

    also, if you have other questions/concerns, please post here. i will be happy to assist you.

    we hope you enjoy the site. good luck with your business.