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I just started working a few weeks ago as a nurse paralegal - so far, I like it, although there are days when I just feel completely dumb when confronted with some of the attorneys' questions (I'm told that's normal). I have... Read More

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    Thank you

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    I'll try to answer any questions as well as I can, but bear in mind I'm just a newbie
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    I started working as a civil litigation paralegal and real estate broker right out of college 25 years ago. Now I am a LPN in LTC working on my RN. If you are truly interested in the legal side of nursing I would suggest that you take a legal research course at your local college. Do not do this one online however. You need to cover the basics of legal research that may not have made it to the internet. By this I mean the concept of "stare decisis" where court decisions of the past inform current concepts of precedence. You need to know how to access and understand case law, citations, split decisions, lower court reversals, and how to work with Westlaw and other databases. This sounds more difficult than it really is and a Legal Research course will cover it. Then you can apply your nursing knowledge to the research and you will be able to find the answers you need as a nurse/paralegal.
    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks. I am hearing a bit about this from the other people at the firm but I get the feeling they're just wanting me to concentrate on doing the client screening for now until I have a firm grip on things. The attorney I'm working for is a senior partner, and the firm as a whole, both have a very good reputation, and I really have a lot of respect for them. I'm learning a lot.

    I think the big thing is, as you said, library research skills. As it stands I do what everyone else seems to do when they don't know something: send a memo to the law clerks
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    I just learned about a nurse paralegal program.I have been an RN since 1975 and I am looking for a career change. I live in New Jersey and I wonder who would be my employer(s) and what salary should I expect as a new Nurse paralegal?
    Thanks in advance.

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