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I just started working a few weeks ago as a nurse paralegal - so far, I like it, although there are days when I just feel completely dumb when confronted with some of the attorneys' questions (I'm... Read More

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    Thanks. I am hearing a bit about this from the other people at the firm but I get the feeling they're just wanting me to concentrate on doing the client screening for now until I have a firm grip on things. The attorney I'm working for is a senior partner, and the firm as a whole, both have a very good reputation, and I really have a lot of respect for them. I'm learning a lot.

    I think the big thing is, as you said, library research skills. As it stands I do what everyone else seems to do when they don't know something: send a memo to the law clerks
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    I just learned about a nurse paralegal program.I have been an RN since 1975 and I am looking for a career change. I live in New Jersey and I wonder who would be my employer(s) and what salary should I expect as a new Nurse paralegal?
    Thanks in advance.