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  1. I've just begun my marketing for my CLNC business. I've heard many LNCs actually work with attrneys in other states. How does this work and how often must you travel to these out of state locations? Do you need to be a licensed RN in these states to function as an LNC in these states. I would like to increase my marketing opportunities but want to know first about these specifics.
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  3. by   sirI
    Hello, bairRN

    No, you need only be licensed in your residence state.

    I work with attorneys out-of-state. Most, I've never met face-to-face. All communication via phone, fax, IM, snail mail, email. I've traveled to them only rarely.
  4. by   bairRN
    When marketing either out of state or within state-but not actually locally, is it best to market to firms in the bigger cities? I was just wondering because I am from the Hanover/York area of Pennsylvania and it seemed to be that most of the attorneys around here really weren't utilizing CLNCs. Should I aim my marketing towards the larger cities such as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh instead of my local smaller cities?
  5. by   RN1989
    If they aren't utilizing LNCs, then this is the perfect place for you to really sell your services. Selling your services to ANY attorney is not that easy. You have a market that is wide open without a lot of competition from other LNCs. Now is your chance to corner this market.

    As a new LNC without a reputation, I imagine it will be more difficult to market to places farther away unless you have some really compelling reason for them to look at your marketing package. If these places are too far away for you to drive routinely and show up in the office enough times so that the staff recognize you, it is unlikely that a new LNC without referrals or connections is going to get much business away from home. The attorneys don't know you and don't know anyone that knows you so they are going to be more leary of hiring someone that is far away from them since they won't have any references as to the quality of your work or your reliability.

    Consistency and persistence is the key. You have barely scratched the surface. You need to continue marketing to the people nearby that you have already made first contact with. Even leaving voice mail is first contact. They've never heard of you before. You've got to keep putting your name in front of them. Make them wonder why you keep coming back and what they are missing by continuing to put off calling you.

    Go back to the basics and work on your marketing plan. You are in a perfect position to educate the attys in your area on why they need an LNC and get them interested in you.