Looking to obtain an LNC education - narrowing down options

  1. I, too, am looking to obtain an LNC education. Plan to use it as an adjunct to retirement income, or to leave hospital nursing IF the body doesn't hold up OR if there are radical changes when the surgery center (hospital based) moves to an independent location, but still on hospital property.

    Anyway, I have looked into the Vicki Millazo program (costly), the AANLC online program, WOLI online (accredited through Middle States, the college acreditors for the mid-Atlantic region), The LNC Center (ASNLC), Kaplan U, & Evans & Associates program.

    Does anyone have any pros/cons to any of these programs? They all seem to have the same basic programs. The ASNLC requires some State education to the state in which one lives! And WOLI is college accredited. These are positives!

    Does anyone know if any of these programs, or IF there are any programs out there, online, are accredited by the American Bar Ass'n?

    Thanks for your thoughts & concerns in advance!

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    Hello Pat and welcome to the Legal Nursing Forum.

    You are wise to research various LNC education programs before you make your decision, as there are many programs from which to choose. You will find information on several of these programs in the Stickies located at the top of this forum.

    Does anyone know if any of these programs, or IF there are any programs out there, online, are accredited by the American Bar Ass'n?
    The role of the Legal Nurse Consultant is different from that of the paralegal and/or legal assistant. In 1999, AALNC published a statement on the Role of the LNC as distinct from the role of the paralegal and legal assistant. This was taken in an effort to clarify that nurses do not need to obtain education through programs approved by the ABA in order to be LNC's, since those programs' primary focus is legal education. You need to remember that the primary role of the LNC is to evaluate, analyze, and render informed opinions on the delivery of health care and the resulting outcomes. Attorneys consult LNC's because of their expertise in nursing and healthcare, not because of their legal knowledge. Whereas legal education is frequently a prerequisite for paralegals, professional nursing education and healthcare experience make LNC's unique and valuable partners in the legal process.

    AALNC has defined legal nurse consulting as a specialty practice of nursing. Their position, therefore, is that LNC education should be developed and presented as specialty nursing curricula by nurse educators in partnership with legal educators.

    Good luck as you continue your research. Please feel free to post any other specific questions you have.
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    Just wanted to welcome to you allnurses and the Legal Nursing forum, aussiluv.

    Good luck with your decisions.