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  1. My friend and I attended our first local LNC meeting where we "newbies" had to stand up and introduce ourselves. We felt more like the other LNC's looked at us as potential competition, which I guess we are. They did not seem willing to help with networking or even very nice, except for a couple of them. We were told it would be a good meeting to attend for networking. Would you attend the next one?
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  3. by   sirI
    Sure, I would.

    My state just started up a chapter (of the AALNC). Our first meeting was only 3. Many do feel threatened, but the networking is, overall, is good.

    I would keep attending. Hopefully, you'll benefit from the meetings. Good luck.
  4. by   RN1989
    I've been thinking about this post and decided to give lurkers the "lowdown".

    I have seen the same kind of snobbery and disdain among LNCs that clinical nurses participate in. Among LNCs there is disagreement on whether or not to take a course, which course you took, whether or not you are inhouse or independent, whether or not you were taught by a nurse or an attorney. It is both frustrating and silly that this kind of thing goes on.

    You are bound to feel like Preop did when you encounter these people. The trick is to use your fantastic marketing skills on these not-so-friendly LNCs. They may see you as a threat, they may not like the course you took, they may not like the clothing you are wearing. Who cares? You need to get your name out there. You need to get the names of others. Some may be willing to help, others may seem to shun you. But you never know who might call you at some point.

    I recommend that we all treat these people the way we would treat an attorney that isn't interested or doesn't like us - as a potential client/colleague. Chat them up. Ask them questions. Compliment them on something. It will be good practice for your marketing and less threatening since you are their equal even if they think that you are lower than pond scum. No one said this would be easy. Don't let your confidence get shattered by unfriendly people.
  5. by   sirI
    You are right, RN1989. There is snobbery abound. All walks of life, professions. Not just nursing and especially not just LNCs.

    Like I said, don't let one meeting deter you. Just be respectful, professional. You will find your niche'. If not, move on.

    I do suggest, however, joining the AALNC. And, yes, you may find some there who will look down on you if you are "different"......in other words, if you do not have the same LNC education as some of the participants you may be considered, "subpar"...........ignore them.
  6. by   rnpract
    I think you do find some evidence of "competition" but for the most part the LNC meetings can provide you with good education and networking, many of the members in my group might come accross as elitist, or fearful of competition, but they warm up to you.

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