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    Diligent and professional marketing to the attorney-client is crucial to the success of the Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC). Many nurses are lacking in this area. Let's start with some basics.

    1. Create a letter of introduction and mail to prospective attorney-clients. Start off by sending at least 20 every week. Then conduct a follow-up phone call in a little less than two weeks after you send the letters or follow up at the time you outlined in your initial introduction letter. Be faithful in the follow-up. Many LNCs have been advised not to follow-up and this is erroneous information.

    Often, attorneys will "lose" your marketing packet or, forget about reading the packet. By conducting a follow-up phone call, you can ask the attorney:

    • Did you receive my packet? Should the answer be, 'no', you can tell them that you will send out another one immediately.
    • Do you have any questions that I can answer now?
    • Do you currently have any medically-related cases?
    • What day/time would be convenient for you for me to come in and conduct a free review for merit?

    Introduction letters look very professional and give the attorney one-on-one attention. Some LNCs use blanket "flyers". This does not give the attorney one-on-one attention and is viewed as spam many times. Be sure that when you create the letter you know the specialty of the attorney. Some do not do med-mal, PI, etc.

    As for the attorney not being familiar with the role of an LNC, this gives you prime opportunity to set up an interview to discuss this. During your phone follow-up, attempt to secure an interview. Most attorneys really have no clue what we can do for their practice. Part of the role of the LNC is educating the attorney about what we can offer them.

    2. Start going on "cold calls". This is when the LNC actually presents him/herself at the attorney office in order to secure an interview. Dress in a professional business suit and go to the building which houses the attorneys complete with marketing pack in hand to include:
    • business cards
    • letters of introduction specific to their specialty area
    • services provided
    • types of cases on which you consult
    • sample work product preferably created using a litigation software

    Determine if the attorney employs RNs and if they are paralegal nurses or LNCs. You can still compliment the paralegal RN if they have one in employ. Besides, you are not seeking employment with them; just as a business associate.

    Be sure to carry several marketing packets to have on hand should you be speaking with more than one attorney. Be sure you have plenty of business cards. Never be without immediate access to your business cards.

    3. I personally do not do email marketing. A few LNCs with whom I have a relationship, do. IMHO, it is a lot like receiving spam/unsolicited mail.

    If you should decide to communicate in this form, you really need to have made initial contact with a perspective client, a referral from an existing client, a business relationship with a client.

    Email can take several forms:
    • simple introduction letter that addresses each attorney specialty area
    • letter (as above) with an attachment such as a photo
    • letter (as above) with text file attachment such as an electronic newsletter

    Just remember, email marketing is instant and that can be problematic. Individuals often do not take the time to adequately proof a draft of an email before clicking "send". Even if you think you've done an adequate spell check of the message, it could contain typos, erroneous information, or even worse, poorly formed/ill-considered thoughts and words.

    Be careful, be thoughtful, and pay attention.

    Now, I have been contacted by attorneys by email to secure my services. They do look in the national registry for your name and specialty.

    4. Go to the courthouse professionally dressed with briefcase in hand. Try to attend med-mal cases. Mingle with potential attorney-clients during the break or at lunch. Be certain to carry plenty of business cards. Never ever be without a stash of business cards.

    5. Consider exhibiting at your state Bar Association or state Trial Lawyers Association.

    6. Consider advertising in one of many legal journals and/or in your state newspaper.

    7. Join your local Chamber of Commerce and consider joining the American Bar Association as an associate member.

    8. Consider joining Toastmasters. This is an excellent opportunity to hone your speaking skills before making your first cold call and/or your first attorney interview.

    I will address other aspects of marketing, including how to get past the "gate-keeper", in another entry.
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