LNC billing software

  1. Just interested in independent LNC's invoice/billing software. Does anyone have any recommendations?


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  3. by   sirI
    Hello, forfitness

    I utilize Excel for my invoices.
  4. by   forfitness
    Thanks SirI!!

    I also heard that Quicken had a software program for billing. Have you seen billing invoices generated from that program? Just wondered how one rates vs. the other as far as a professional look.

    Thanks again for a quick response

  5. by   sirI
    I've seen Quicken and look good.

    But, mine do, too.......it's what you think you'd like.
  6. by   KLKRN
    I was going to take a seminar next month on Excel, but I can't afford it right now. How easy is that to learn on my own?
  7. by   RN1989
    Excel is not necessarily difficult to learn but it does take some getting used to. Unless you use it often it can be easy to forget some of the functions and the neat things it can do. Once you get the hang of how the different functions work, you can make some great stuff with it. Once you get your template set up ahead of time you will be able to just plug in your data. But you will be creating someting out of nothing so it can be more frustrating to use if you have always used computers for documenting where you just filled in the blanks like at most hospitals.

    I suppose that some of the factors to consider are: cost of programs, ability to creat something out of nothing on the computer, time available. If it is going to take you days to figure out how to make an invoice with Excel, that time becomes money that you aren't making because you are still trying to figure out the program. In that case - get a premade template program. The template programs like Quicken and Quickbooks are like the computers that you chart on at the hospital - premade where you just fill in the blanks for your particular client. Most computers come with Excel already installed so you wouldn't be spending the extra money on an invoicing program, if money is a concern. MS Office Small Business and Pro editions also have accounting software that can do invoicing.

    You can always get some of those "dummy" books. I saw some the other day at the bookstore for the various computer software programs. Those books looked great! I am thinking about getting some just to have a reference for some of those little tricks of the trade that I might forget about.
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  8. by   rnpract
    just an additional point on Excel, if you have the program, and go the Microsoft Office website you can download many premade tmeplates, so if you like a particular format, download it and change it. Until you can design your own.

    I do use Quicken home and business, they have a seperate piece for invoices, I like either that or Microsoft money home and business, they tie into Microsoft accounting which comes with the office suite. I like them only because they tie directly into my bank. The software can read the bank download, and I can print checks through it, just my thoughts.
  9. by   KLKRN
    Microsoft also has a number of online tutorials on its products. I've found them very helpful. And they're free!