Legal Nurse Consultant: Is this what it is made out to be? - page 2

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Several of my colleagues are considering attending a class to become Legal Nurse Consultants. They are under the impression that they can make a very large salery doing part time work screening/reviewing charts for attorneys.... Read More

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    The law is on their own planet .....

    Be aware that when you have completed your work that does not
    mean you get paid necessarily at that time. The legal system proceeds
    at its own pace. Often, your check will come when the distribution is made (the case settles/court decision) which may be a year or more after
    your work is done.

    So take that into consideration, if you are contracted you are one of the
    consultants and others who will be paid when the money is distributed.
    If this will be your sole source of income, ask the attorneys about
    when you can expect your fee.