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  1. looking for legal nurse consultants in pa if there are any out there. thinking about doing vicki milazzo institute training, has anyone done this program, what do you think about it and are you successful in your own business or with a firm? any thoughts are welcomed, thanks!!!
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  3. by   crp334
    I'm thinking about doing the exact same thing!! I've been researching her and a few Universities that actually offer the program. She appears to be the one who "invented" the field, but that course is pricey. The schools i've been checking out here in Ohio are around the $2000 mark, and offered 1 weekend a month that last anywhere from 3-10 months. It looks like it would be an awesome job...but is it too good to be true??
  4. by   luvfall
    I contacted the vicki milazzo institute and they sent out materials and a rep called. than a mentor called and they tell you about their experience and you can ask your questions. i live in pa and the girl i spoke to lives in ohio. she says she does it 40 hours a wk she works from her home for medical malpractice lawyers, insurance companies and liability cases. she said the institute gives you the tools to do the business part, the area that makes me nervous. she told me she has some friends who have multimillion dollar companies with employees working under them and they work many hours to achieve that, she said that is not something she is interested in doing. i have a coworker who told me she has this acquaintance who was going to do it but never finished claiming it was too hard?? i really want to do it especially after the day we had today and knowing tomorrow will be the same if not worse. the mentor did tell me how i will love the flexibility even though she works 40 hrs a wk she said its so nice not to have to ask off for a vacation or if there is something you need to want to do on a certain day you can plan around it. i would love that flexibility plus as much as i love taking care of my patients all the other bs that comes along with it i really wouldn't miss it. if you decide to get info on the institute and speak with a mentor i would love to hear your experience with the mentor.
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    I will be attending Vickie Milazzo's CLNC Seminar in Philadelphia this September. I live in upstate NY and have been an ER Nurse for 14 of my 16 year Nursing career. After reading all the information, this sounds like what I have been looking for. This is a huge step for me, but as Vickie says, what is the worst that can happen? At the very least, I will have learned something new and given myself the opportunity to grow.

    I'm interested in hearing from others that are attending or considering the seminar.