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Interested in LNC career

  1. 0 Hi SirI,

    I just finished the 1 hr CE by Vicki and it has peeked my interest in LNC. I have greater than 25 years as RN, the last 15 yrs as cardiac/telemetry nurse. I work half time as I have 3 dgtrs with special needs.(all18 and older now). I wonder if you did some phone research prior to becoming NLC? I would be interested if most of the work could be done from home as I do a lot of transporting my girls to school (local community college) and work and events. And also, what about health care insurance? Any comments? ideas?

    P.S. I'm thinking about a good positive quote for my signature:spin:
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    Hello, kimberlyrb,

    I moved your post to its own thread in this fourm.

    Good to read of your interest in the legal nursing career.

    No, I never did any phone investigaion prior to doing the career. Many do and I advise that you do. Will give you a feel of what is needed in your own area.

    As for where you do the work? My office is in my home. So, most of anything I do is there. But, I do go to attorney-client's offices when needed.

    Not sure what you are asking about healthcare insurance? You mean medical insurance coverage (healthcare) for you and/or your family? I cannot answer that question.

    If you have other questions/concerns about the legal nursing career, please post here. I will be happy to assist you.

    Good luck with your future plans and decisions.