I want to change courses in my career

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    I am new to allnurses.com, however, I'm finding out a lot of great info on LNC. I want to change courses in my career as a floor nurse and I'm very interested in Vickie Milazzo, but I was wondering if its worth going for the VIP course, its a bit pricie however it seem to be the way to go as far as marketing
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    hello, nlm421 and to allnurses.com and the legal nursing forum

    so happy to have you join us.

    adding the vip portion of the milazzo program isn't necessary to get the basic foundation of the course. many do a basic level only and receive identical course preparation as the other levels, which prepares you for the certification examination.

    that will, however, be up to you if you want to get the post-course marketing aspects. there is a 2-day post course marketing apprenticeship that is helpful as you get started in your business.

    while you are still in your research phase of consideration, check out other entities, too. there are several programs out there.

    here is a sticky thread about the aalnc and milazzo legal nurse consulting programs.

    good luck with your decisions and if you have other questions, please post here.

    and, we hope you enjoy allnurses.com!!
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    Hi Rn1989
    I Received The Info You Sent Me
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