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I have been a RN for 15 years. I have had home health and PCU experience. The past 10 years I have worked as a nurse case manager and got my CCM 3 yrs ago. I am seriously considering a career in LNC... Read More

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    Quote from rn1989
    it helps to have a good support system with another lnc, or 2,3..... to help keep you on track on the days you are frustrated with the process of starting and maintaining an lnc business.
    i totally agree....i think i may have quit by now if it wasn't for the excellent support system here at this forum.

    it is difficult, but as experienced lnc's have stated, it is well worth it in a couple of years!!

    i am so glad i joined this forum awhile ago, but i have never appreciated it until now. :typing :heartbeat
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