Can a LNC work on cases outside of state of liscensure?

  1. I'm thinking seriously about pursuing education as a LNC. While reading questions and posts responses, I suddenly wondered if a nurse from one state, with an RN license from only that state, could work on cases in other states? I'm asking based on the number of states that have liscensure reciprocity as well as if one were to go to a National Conference, can one market oneself to attorneys from various other states?
    I've looked at some classes, read an awful lot here and am just beginning to have extra questions, aside from "What's the best school?" and those kind of basics.
    Thanks all, and the best of luck to all of you in your endevors.
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  3. by   sirI
    Hello Heogog53 and Welcome to the Legal Nursing forum

    Good to read of your interest in LNC.

    Read through this thread about The Role of the Legal Nurse Consultant. You will find some of your questions answered.

    You need only be licensed in your state of residence.

    There are other threads in this forum about educative entities that you will find helpful.

    Good luck with your decisions and if you have other questions, please post here.