anyone take Kaplans LNC Course?

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    Hello everyone, I found this site last night and I am very thankful....I have just registered for the Legal Nurse Consultant program through Kaplan Universities online. I have done TONS of research on the different LNC courses/seminars, etc. and I have determined that this one is the best for me. Has anyone taken the Kaplan LNC course? If so, what did you think and did you feel prepared when you finished?
    Thanks in advance,

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    Just wanted to wish you luck with your course.
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    I just completed my enrollment in Kaplan's LNC course today. Hopefully I will get my books by next week so I can get started. There are so many choices out there so I hope that I have made the right choice. Please keep me posted on how you are doing in the program. It will be nice to communicate with someone who is going through the program at the same time as I am. We could also use each other for help and support.

    Good luck.
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    Hello kidzrn and GabrielasMadre and welcome to and the Legal Nurses forum.

    Good luck to both of you.
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    Thanks for replying. I just started the 3rd Unit today. I am nervous about the Mid Term Exam...How are you doing with the course so far?
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    I have not received my books yet. I have done all the readings for Unit 1 except the textbook stuff. It seems so overwhelming but I think that is the same feeling I had when I started nursing school. It is a new learning curve. I am sure you will do fine with the midterm. At least we can take it as many times as necessary to pass and that it is an open book exam. Keep me posted on how the exam goes. Good luck.:spin:
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    GabrielasMadre and kidz2rn:

    Good luck to both of you on your exams. Let us know how you do with the course and the exams.
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    KidzRN3, How are you doing with Kaplan??
    I finished my mid term today and did really well. I feel like I am learning a lot.....How are you?

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    With it being so long since the original post I may not get a response but how about an update on how you're doing after completing the Kaplan course? I just finished my program with Kaplan.

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    I took the Kaplan LNC several years ago but I understand the program is different now. Mine was an 18 month program that earned a diploma. From what I understand now, the program is a certificate program. Although I completed my program, I never received my diploma. I was first told I had to pay off my tuition (which I was on a payment plan for) and then my diploma would be sent. Although I made numerous contacts and was promised several times, I never received it. The last time I called, I was just told that my transcript would be proof of my completion. Good program but poor follow up.
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