Anyone going to Milazzo in Atlanta in Oct.? Anyone going to Milazzo in Atlanta in Oct.? | allnurses

Anyone going to Milazzo in Atlanta in Oct.?

  1. 0 I'm going, and would be interested in hearing from anyone on this list who will also be there. Thanks!

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    Good luck with the course, Danajay!!! Let us know how you do!
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    Hi Danajay,
    I just have to do some scheduling magic and then I can call the institute and register for the Atlanta seminar. Will let you know concrete plans as soon as they are made.:typing Thanks for the post!
    Let's keep in touch.
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    Hi Vrod07,

    Good to hear from you, look forward to hearing more as your plans firm up.

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    Hi Danajay,
    I am wrapping up my plans for the seminar in Atlanta and wondering how many days you will be there. I went gung ho and registered for the VIP package which runs through Sunday.
    Please send me a pm and let's talk!
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    Good luck to you, too, Vrod07!!!!
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    Hi vrod,

    VIP, that sounds great. I just did the basic, had to do a 401K withdrawal for it, but at least did that before everything tanked this past week!

    I get in Sun. 10/19 around 3pm, leave Sat. 10/25 around 8pm.

    It would be great to talk sooner rather than later, so if you can pm me, I'd welcome it. Unfortunately I can't pm yet, per site policy have to have 15 posts under your belt; this is #4 for me.

    #5 immediately to follow.

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    Hi vrod,

    I see you have 4 posts under your belt so far, too. So unless you have (or choose to go to) upgraded membership, in 5 days of 2 posts/day, we'll be ready to pm.

    In the meantime, we can post about Vickie stuff, AALNC, nursing/work backgrounds, anything else that's a legit post.

    Here's a new Vickie fact: did you see that starting with the Kansas City seminar, 2 wks before Atlanta, they've started offering a bloc of 5 nightly 2 hr "dinners with Vickie"? To go over material and help prepare for the test.
    I thought it was interesting, so I made a phone inquiry about it... we can discuss it when we talk.

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    I have learned from other CLNC's that Vicki is very thorough at reviewing test material at the seminarnbut lots of study is also essential.
    Membership to AALNC is next on my agenda.
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    Hi vrod,

    Hope your weekend shifts were ok. Thought I'd try you from here instead of via cell in case you were trying to catch some zzz's about now. If you're up today, feel free to try me on my cell, I'm at work, but not very busy.