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"Do I or don't I?" CLNC?? - page 2

Hi everyone. I am new to this website and am very excited to "meet" all of you! I am currently working orthopedics as a floor nurse and am really trying to get away from bedside nursing. So am... Read More

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    Quote from PCBUCS1
    RN 1989, you inspire me. As a new LNC struggling to find my path, I find myself surfing this website. Reading old and new posts/replies feeds my hunger to learn more. You are a natural teacher. I learn from you everytime I explore these pages. Thank you from a Newbie.
    Glad to have been of service! This can be a great site for inspiration, I know that sirI's posts helped me when I first starting thinking about opening a full time business doing this work.
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    I have seen so many nurses over the years take the courses thinking they were going to be rich. Few get rich, some make a living, and most never even make it to the finish line and they end up keeping/going back to their clinical jobs because it is easier.[/QUOTE]

    Thank you so much for this. I really now think I would like to step forward to LNC. Because I like to do research, do not mind working on my own, and like to challenge new areas, I feel I can do this... you pumped me up at the same time you warmed me for the reality. I knew the ads "150$/hr" sounded too strange....Thank you so much. I will keep your words in mind.
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    Good luck with your decisions, Rikomama!!
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