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Hello all I'm Currently starting school in Jan. to work towards my R.N. program. but every one is telling me to do the L.P.N. first what to do ? I'm currently married 4 kids & work construction related work. was considering... Read More

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    Hi we are about the same age. I'm 46 going to school at ECC. I have thought about LCC ( my sister's daughter attends there) WKU or even an LPN program if I don't get into the RN program. I don't want to waste time just get in and get it done!!! I don't take tests well. I know my stuff and then just go blank when it counts, SO FRUSTRATING. thanks for the reply and good luck you sound like you've got it all together.

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    Hi! I graduated from Midway with my ADN in 1995. Nursing school is tough but get to know your classmates and study together. I started as a CNA at a nursing home, (because they paid for my training) but the pay was the same as being a cashier at Rite Aid at the time. I recommend that you go to a nursing school that will adequately prepare you for the "real world". My class had a 100% pass rate of the NCLEX! I have worked with nurses that barely had an understanding of anatomy let alone physiology and that scares me.
    You have to make the decisions that are best for you and your family, but remember also that nursing will not be easy and you should be as prepared as you can be for yourself and your patients.
    Good Luck!
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    Hi my first time posting! I've been in the engineering field for about 4 years and finally decided to give it up and do what I really want to do. Actually put in my two weeks notice today!
    I am starting the BSN at Northern Kentucky U this fall, just taking the general classes first. Have not been accepted to actual Nursing school yet. I applied all over Cincinnati to the two year programs and all have waiting lists so I am just going to start at NKU. Hopefully some good A&P grades will give me a better chance next time.
    I am taking the CNA class in two weeks at Great Oaks so I can get experience while I am in school.
    Does anyone else work as a CNA? if so Where? and what do you think about it? Whats the pay? Also any hints on getting accepted into the shcools would help. Feels like i'm playing the lottery when I apply..
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    I've been an LPN for 15 years and have regretted not going RN from the git-go. Both schools are intense, but the logic is really different. Getting LPN first is not,in my opinion, worth the time or money.

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