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Does anyone know of any state scholarships not based on family income/need. My family makes too much for any grant money. All the ones I have found through my school are either need or race based and... Read More

  1. by   libnat
    Quote from DA314
    You can file an appeal with your school's financial aid office. If you can prove that you have livedon your own and have been working to pay your bills for an entire year, they will let you become independent status. But if you just try to csam them by living with a different relative and not working, then you're out of luck.

    I had to appeal when I was younger because they tried to make me claim dependent status, even though I lived 400 miles away from my parents in another state and had worked my butt off to pay all my bills on my own. I won the appeal and was awarded more financial aid.
    Good info, It doesn't apply to me but seems not many people know it is even an option after they are first turned down.
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    called the david and betty jones scholarship. they sent out a letter to everyone who qualified. i emailed the guy over it and they actually had an information session on reading day i missed so i doubt i will be too comptetive. never hurts to try though. you are expected to eventually perticpate in some undergraduate research but don't have to have done so prior.

    to be honest i never really considered research opportunities because there basically is none in any of the classes i have taken so far. i thought only grad students were involved in research. we'll see if i can throw together something halfway believable though.
    i wouldn't consider undergrad research, unless you're really interested in doing it, though. i would suggest waiting to consider that until after you've had a research class, and a stats class. at that point, you'll know if you're really going to love it or hate it- and trust me- you're either going to really love it, or really hate it. and if you hate it, it will not be worth the hassle you'll have to go through for that little bit of grant money.
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    I don't think they make you do an actual research project before senior year so that is $$$ for a few meeting and just drop it before then. Not the nicest attitude but I needs money.
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    BBFRN, do you know some of the sort of things students doing research are expected to do and can you include a works cited page in a 500 word essay or is that a no, no.
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    libnat- I PMd you.