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I just got my acceptance letter and was wondering if anyone here is a current/past student or is also planning to start this fall. I would love to hear about your experience.... Read More

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    Take the VERY last hours & look at those! If it was a 3.8 GPA, then that is great and very competitive! Your pre req grades are wonderful! I would advise you to make an appointment to with ****** just to make sure you meet all the requirements. I'm sure if you live too far away, she could do an over the phone appointment while she looks over your records. Based on everything that you have told me, I would say that you have a GREAT shot at getting into both programs! It's just a waiting game for you now and the decision on if you want to do the traditional or the accelerated.

    Good luck with your decision, please keep me posted on what you decide or get accepted into!
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    Actually, my prereq hours ARE my very last hours. At least, they are the very last 42 hours.
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    Hi all, I know this is an old thread, but was hoping against hope to get a reply here. Applied to NKU's ABSN program and ended up in the 'eligibility pool'. I hardly understand what exactly this means and was just wondering what my chances of getting in are. Any help will be appreciated cause I do not want to have my hopes dashed a second time. Thanks in advance.
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    Have you called the office to ask them what this means? I'll try to ask them tomorrow if I remember.
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    I called them and they said the eligibility pool is like the wait list. So am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I get called.
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    Good luck, keep me updated! I just turned in my application for graduation yesterday!
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    Congrats . U should be very excited! Were u in the accelerated program? I just wish I could talk to someone who has an idea what my chances are of being admitted from the wait list. Do not seem to find any threads on Nku wait lists but have read that for several other schools here. Will definitely keep you posted.
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    Yes I'm currently in the accelerated program. I know they accept 30 students once a year. Did they tell you what number you are on the waitlist? I know there are a few students in our program now who was on a waitlist if that gives you a little hope.
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    Yes it does. Thanx. How few is "a few?" Lol. Was the program too hard. Do classes start too early do they end too late? Hope am not asking too many questions. Just trying to decide if I should just get my NCLEX PN and opt for a bridge ADN program or keep hoping to get called. Thanx once more for taking the time to provide me info. It goes a long way to soothe my poor nerves. Lol
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    I finally got admitted!!! Yay!!! Thanx for all and hope you are having a great summer!

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