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Just wanted to see if anyone else will be attending the Fall 2013 class? Seriously cannot wait to start the program! :) Hurry up August 19th!!... Read More

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    I think they only accept 10 people for the hybrid... I'm not sure if it's true. But at the meeting you attend they strongly encourage you to think about the hybrid because it is much harder and they said a lot of people end up failing because of that decision to go hybrid. That's what scared me and made me not want that. I didn't want to risk it and possibly fail.

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    Totally understandable. I do pretty good with the online classes but I was also told that it was pretty hard and that makes me nervous. I would also hate to fail when I could have maybe done fine in the traditional classes. It is only 2 years and from what I've heard, time flies!

    I am going to the pre admsission conference this Thursday (so excited!) and I'm hoping they will touch on the online program some just so I get a better idea of what it entails. I am a transfer student and really don't know anything about the Madisonville program. I find the info out there about it is pretty limited.
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    You should be able to find out everything you need to know at the conference. I should have wrote down the questions I wanted to ask. I left there with unanswered questions.. which defeats the purpose of the conference. Lol. Good Luck!
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    Well they are cutting the program in Fall 2014 by 10 spots. She said the job market just wasn't there anymore for them to be accepting 50 students a semester. They also changed the points scale for admission.
    I decided last minute to also apply to the program in Paducah. I did all my pre-reqs there and was accepted into their program a few years ago, but 2 weeks before classes I found out I was pregnant and they advised me to wait a few years to go in.

    Basically (not to sound cocky) I KNOW I will be accepted at Paducah based on my points. I have no clue if I would be able to get into MCC's program. They wouldn't even give an average of what gets accepted each semester. I will not know until July if I am in at MCC. PCC sends out their letters in mid March! But, I would have to accept admission into the PCC program way before July and start the orientation process there, and I would hate to waste all that time and money getting set to go to PCC, and then get into MCC (where I would much rather go). The drive is the same either way, and I hear they are both great programs. Just not sure what to do.
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    I would not be able to enroll at Madisonville Fall 2014. I saw that they changed the points. I'm happy I got in when I did. If I was you I would just go to Paducah, or whatever school accepts you. Good Luck! I don't see how they say the job market isn't there anymore.....???
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    @SarahStoddard14 I can’t send a PM yet, because I haven’t made 15 posts lol, but congratulations on being accepted!! Yes, I do live in Clarksville! My husband is stationed there as well. When I first started the program, I did not look forward to the drive there and back either, but honestly it’s really not that bad! We would always record our lectures, so what I would do is listen to them on my commute from Clarksville to Madisonville and vice versa (it definitely helped with understanding the material a bit better too!). So far, I LOVE the program! All the instructors are great and they really go out of their way to help their students in any way that they can. I’m not gonna lie, it’s going to be hard and there may be some days when you think to yourself, ‘what in the world did I get myself in to?!’, but it is SO worth it! I’m so excited to start second semester!! If you have any questions or need any advice at all, I will be happy to help!

    Do you have orientation on January 8th too?
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    I was notified a little over a week ago that I was taken off the waitlist and I am accepted to the Spring 2014 class. They phoned me the day before the school closed. The admission/orientation packet was to be put in the mail that day but I still have not received the information. I will be going into the third semester. Can anyone tell me what needs to be done before classes start on January 13th? Background check information, drug testing, books, orientation day.....
    Thank you
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    You need to be CPR certified. They give you the information you need and enough time to get it done. You need to have proof of immunizations. Also a drug test, background test, and maybe some other things I forgot.
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    I'm wanting to apply for the fall semester of 2015. I wanted to know were you placed on a waiting list or do they have a waiting list and if so do you know how long I would have to wait to start?
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    I can't remember. You just have to go to their nursing blog website. You have to go to a pre-conference and apply. Since you don't want to go til next year you wouldn't need to have all your stuff turned in til like May I think. I wasn't on a waiting list but they do have a waiting list for people just in case someone changes their mind.

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