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ITT TECH RN - page 2

So I am in Itt tech's nursing program and am set to be the second graduating class to graduate. I have been in another program before and was treated really awful. Not only am i learning a lot but... Read More

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    they have weekend clinicals if you want
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    Ok thx. They make you take like prereq classes there don't they? It soundlike a pretty good school. Out of all the schools what made u all go with itt?
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    Can anyone tell me how much it is???
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    In Indianapolis, IN it is 54,000 for the ASN program and 27 months.
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    WOW! ok thx
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    Would you happen to remember your class sequence and schedule for the program?. I would be working 3 12 hours shifts during the week and would like to know if that do able with classes and clinical too.
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    Quote from Kmolss01
    im about half way through and i like it.... it has its issues but its a good program..
    I would like to know if I could work 12 hour nights while attending this program?