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Hi! I work at at Methadone Center. Mon 6AM the 2 RNs (myself included) attempted multiple times to open our safe and retrieve the necessary medication to begin our daily doing of outpatient clients... Read More

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    The original purpose and what I was taught is that the error reporting isn't meant to assign blame even if you interpreted the error as being caused by the nurse forgetting as opposed to an unavailable med due to something outside of the nurse's control. The reports are supposed to be used to analyze data and identify system failures. It wasn't supposed to be punitive, because that would discourage people from making reports and providing the input needed to reduce error rates.

    It seems that more and more they are seen as a punitive action, even managers use them in that way, unfortunately. Anyway, that wasn't my opinion, but that of a few references I found that came from credible sources.

    Also, I was once told by a dr/former medical director that JC looks hard at facilities that report very few med errors because they know mistakes are being made and assume they aren't being caught or reported when there are too few.

    The hospitals I work at seem to take this as intended and I only know of one nurse being called to the carpet for her errors (which were numerous).