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Just thought I would start a new thread about Galen. Anything and everything Galen can be posted here! Please feel free to share, or ask questions! I am still waiting on my acceptance letter, and am going crazy:bugeyes:! ... Read More

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    First let me say that this pertains to Galen in San Antonio...... It is really easy to get it. You have to remember first and foremost that this is a for profit college. It is in there best interest for them to enroll as many students as possible. I am now in third quarter and so far it has been my experience that often that they have more students then clinical spots therefore we spend alot of time doing busy work in order for us to get our hours.

    When you get in you have to realize that you are paying more to bypass the waitlists and the prerequisites than you are for a quality education. If time is a factor then Galen works well however I would recommend to anyone that can afford to wait a little londer that they try to get into one of the other schools that are in San Antonio.
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    I am in my first quarter of the LPN Day program at Galen, and am absolutely loving it! So glad to see other students here too.
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    Is any attending the October class in Louisville? My friend and I applied and took the test at the same time. She got her acceptance letter a few weeks ago. After hounding them with phone calls, I was told I got in but I still haven't received my packet. I know there is a lot to take care of before class starts. Has anyone received or not received their acceptance/denial letter yet?
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    Nevermind...Got my acceptance letter today!
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    is anyone starting october 28th at Galen in San Antonio?
    im attending and im veryyy excited nervous to! idk what to expect the first day?!
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    Helpppppp!!! I am in San Antonio's 2nd quarter, I need studying pointer's...I study Med Surg book, class notes, and nclex & still managed to fail 1st 2 tests.......PLLLLeeeeeAAAAsssssssEEEEE help, very important, & tooo expensive to repeat!...I have no clue how to prepare myself!!! Every week tests seem more intense!!! I know now that what I read is partial of tests, it's more critical thinking for a hospital situation, mind you I have no previous medical experience!!! Thanks so much anything may help!!!
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    First and foremost do you have Ms. Minnix for Med Surg? Print out the slides, tape the class and listen to it as much as you can, dont spend all of your time trying to write down everything she says wont work. Really try to listen to what she is saying. Draw the pictures of the people and what their signs and symptoms are. Think about it in terms of the ABCs. "airway, breathing, circulation" Put the notes away and list all the s/s for the condition that you are studying and what the nursing care would be. ALWAYS go to tutoring. Watch the Judith Miller videos. Your NCLEX book is your bible. Reading the book is fine but dont get all wrapped up in it. The NCLEX book breaks it down as simple as it gets. Remember that you have to find the way that is good for you to study. I did all the above and I did really good. It always somehow goes back to fluid and electrolyte imbalance. Remember when she gave the little talk about kiss your family good bye, she meant it. I am around OTC sometimes shot me an IM and maybe we can meet up and I can help you out a little.
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    Hi, I'm in the evening program, can you tell me what the Judith Miller videos are?
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    The Judith Miller videos are NCLEX reveiw videos that are in the OTC library. I think that they are also available at the UTSA library. They are kind of cheesy but she gives you some really good tips on how to remember certain things and she will quiz you on stuff. Very helpful.
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    CM25, I'm starting October 28th as well. I'm excited as heck but, yeah a tad nervous. It's going to be an adventure!

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