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Just thought I would start a new thread about Galen. Anything and everything Galen can be posted here! Please feel free to share, or ask questions! I am still waiting on my acceptance letter, and am going crazy:bugeyes:! ... Read More

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    Supposedly they are not accredited. All they will tell you is that "They have agreements with a few other colleges that you can go to for you BSN." Most people I know that went there for their LPN are not going back to bridge to RN. Most people are to worried that without being "officially accredited" then they would do all the hard work and not be able to keep going.

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    Do anyone know what kind of background check do Galen in San Antonio do for the LVN progarm and why is it so expensive, what do they look for and what company do they go thru to get the background check ???
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    Can anyone tell me if you use the Fundamentals of Nursing books in any other quarter than first?
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    Hello there, I am wanting to know if Galen do a credit check along with the background check ? Or what all do they do when completing a background check and why is it so expensive ? Do you know what company completes the background check for Galen ?
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    Hi jsadler827! You will use your paperback Fundamentals book in 2nd quarter. You won't use the hardback one again though.
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    Thanks lasdrs07
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    I am so excited i start in july and just cant wait.......i hear great things from all the nurses that made it through and they are going to many other schools just fine.
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    I am about to start my second quarter in Day classes and I was wanting to if anyone could tell me what skills you do for your CPE's in second quarter I was just wanting to know so I can start going over things during break Thanks
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    Hi jsadler827! The skills you do for cpe's in 2nd qtr are nasal tracheal suctioning, nasogastric tube insertion, piggy back IV, med administration, and insulin administration. Hope that helps!
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    Thank you very much

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