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Just thought I would start a new thread about Galen. Anything and everything Galen can be posted here! Please feel free to share, or ask questions! I am still waiting on my acceptance letter, and am going crazy:bugeyes:! ... Read More

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    daydreams, you will need to call the school and set up a financial aid appointment with a financial aid advisor. When you meet with them they will explain everything to you. They are very helpful! I had to get student loans, but I didn't get very much help because of mine and my husband's income from the previous year put together. It all depends on your income and they always go by the previous year's income. Good luck!

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    Quote from grouphomes
    I'm applying to Galen for the bridge program for the july 2010...Is there anyone here that are coming from out of state to attend the louisville campus?
    I applied back in Nov.2009 for the April 2010 class but as of today I still have not heard anything from Galen. When did you apply? what was your PAX-RN score ( if you don't mind me asking)? and have you received your acceptance letter yet? and last if they do not accept you to the school do anybody out there know would you still get a letter letting you know that you application was denied? Waiting and getting nervous anxiety level is getting high:heartbeat,blood pressure is getting high...I hope I will hear something real soon.
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    Oh really, well I guess thats not too bad. Thanks for the response!
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    I applied back in October 2009 & took my test in October, but I still have not received my packet. I've been waiting patiently but want to know now since I have waited so long. I'm tempted to call the school to see where it is. I applied for the LPN Day program & received a 126 on my entrance test so I'm hoping it was good enough to start in April.
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    I have been accepted into the April 2010 LPN Day program and I am so exctied!!!
    Does anyone starting in April live around the Elizabethtown area? Looking to carpool and save some
    Does anyone currently attending, or have graduated from Galen, have any good advice?
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    Hello Sorry, I recieved a 126 on my test and am applying to LPN day program...I took PAX-PN test 2 days before Xmas and hadn't heard anything til 2/2/10 (received app) but only because I couldn't wait and called to find out what was going on and this week I have financial aid app't. hopefully that day I may find out more info and then go to mandatory orientation in April and hopefully start in May...hope I helped...I advise you to give them a call.
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    Hi ajwill824 I also recommend you giving them a call...when I called I found that while I had been waiting my admission advisor was no longer working their and gave me to a new advisor which had took her about 3 days to find out my status...I guess my info was on hold til I called and they looked into it.
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    I was just wanting to know if anyone who is in 2nd quarter or further along could tell my what type of places you go to for clinicals in 2nd quarter?
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    jsadler: 2nd qtr is adult nursing so more than likely you will be in a hospital. I am in 3rd qtr and I think only one clinical group, if that, went to a nursing home. HTH!
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    Thanks 1stLady2

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